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Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut is longer but not necessarily better

Spoiler-free review: All the moments that make Deadpool 2 fun remain, but some favorite moments don't.

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Deadpool 2's home release on Digital HD also marks the public debut of Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut, an extended version of the movie that adds new scenes, changes others and brings in even more post-credit scenes.

This longer version, which was screened to press and some fans during last month's San Diego Comic-Con 2018, is still Deadpool 2 at heart, so I'll point to my colleague Morgan Little's review of the theatrical release for a deeper dive into the plot as the movie is mostly the same.

This cut of the movie is much like the 2014 "Super Sized Version" of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, which replaced many of its jokes with alternate takes while otherwise keeping the same story.

During my screening, I definitely noticed changes to several scenes, but in a few cases the new gags don't surpass what was in the original theatrical screening. For instance, the theatrical version has a series of jokes regarding the film's perilous wind advisory that results in a hilarious surprise cameo. The cameo stays in this extended version, but ironically my favorite of the wind advisory jokes is cut out for an unrelated line.

Your favorite Deadpool 2 moments remain, with a few tweaks.

The extended 15 minutes of runtime on top of the original 2-hour film's length does, however, help to bring additional context to parts of the story not covered by the original version. We get more with Russell Collins (Julian Dennison) and the Juggernaut (Reynolds provides the voice). We get longer fight montages. We get all kinds of new subtitles for the opening musical number.

The absolute best additions are the new post-credit scenes. I won't detail them here, but you can read all about them by clicking here.

So is the Super Duper Cut worth a watch? Absolutely. Just don't have it replace the theatrical version. That one's still good and may include some of your favorite moments, too.

Odds are you won't have to choose between which version to take home. The Digital HD release out now and the Blu-ray release coming out on Aug. 21 includes both cuts of the movie for you to watch with a side of freshly heated chimichangas.

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