Batman can fight Arya Stark and Bugs Bunny in Warner Bros.' MultiVersus

The Smash Bros.-inspired platform fighter lets you play as characters such as Shaggy, Harley Quinn or Jake the Dog from Adventure Time.

Marcos Cabello
Marcos Cabello
Marcos Cabello
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Marcos Cabello
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The free-to-play WB platform fighter coming in 2022.

Warner Bros.

Welcome to the Warner Bros. universe: A place where Bugs Bunny and Shaggy can team up against Batman and Wonder Woman. What a time to be alive.

MultiVersus is a new platform fighter video game developed by Warner Bros. set for release in 2022, which will be free to play on Xbox One and Series X, PlayStation 4 and 5 and Windows PC. In a first look video published Thursday, we get a glimpse of the roster, which features characters from WB's vast lineup of media franchises from DC's Justice League to Looney Toons to Steven Universe. 

The game is inspired by Nintendo's ultra-popular Super Smash Bros., which recently wrapped up its most recent iteration of the franchise with the release of its last DLC fighter, Sora from Kingdom Hearts. MultiVersus joins the the rank of other Smash Bros. clones like Nickelodeon's All-Star Brawl. 

We received a display of Warner Bros.' media franchises in the most recent Space Jam with Lebron James, which took the NBA superstar on a trip throughout the "WB Serververse" with Bugs Bunny. Space Jam mirrored an idea first realized in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet where Disney showed off its impressive collection of media franchises from Marvel to Star Wars. 

The game will tout full cross-play support, meaning you can spar against your PlayStation and PC-owning friends off your Xbox console.

These are the characters included in the rooster so far: Tom and Jerry; Finn and Jake the Dog from Adventure Time; Steven and Garnet from Steven Universe; Superman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn from the DC Extended Universe; Shaggy from Scooby Doo; Bugs Bunny; and Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. 

More to come.