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Xbox Cloud Gaming comes to Series X, S and One consoles

The service lets you play next-gen exclusives on your Xbox One, if your internet connection is strong enough.

Xbox Series X owners are among those who can stream games via Microsoft's cloud gaming service.
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Xbox Cloud Gaming started rolling out for all Xbox players Wednesday, Microsoft said, meaning Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can stream games to their Xbox Series X, Series S or Xbox One instead of downloading them. It comes after the company tested the service last month.

The streaming service will be available for Xbox gamers in the US, UK and Australia Wednesday, with more regions coming soon. If a game supports streaming, it'll have a cloud icon on the Xbox digital store. 

If a friend invites you to join a game you haven't downloaded, you'll also be able to jump in immediately via streaming.

This gives Xbox One owners the ability to play next-gen exclusives like Recompile, The Medium and The Riftbreaker on their older console, but you'll need a strong internet connection to get the best experience. More next-gen games, like Microsoft Flight Simulator, are coming in early 2022, the company noted.

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