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Walmart Cyber Monday deals will give you Black Friday deja vu

Walmart is teasing a bunch of upcoming Cyber Monday deals -- but you can actually get many of them right now.

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Like other retailers, Walmart wants you to know that it's got plenty of good deals lined up for you on Cyber Monday -- Monday, Nov. 27, the day you return to work after Thanksgiving break.

And like other retailers' sales, the vast majority of those so-called Cyber Monday deals are really just the Black Friday deals with a new name, as they bleed in from Sunday night to Monday morning.

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Below is the full list of Cyber Monday electronics, toys, games and appliance bargains that Walmart is sharing. We've highlighted the ones you can get right now in italics.

Note that some of the products are already out of stock online; it's unclear if Walmart will be getting in additional stock by Monday.

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