Samsung gets wacky: High-tech skin care, a Post-It printer and more

A smart button for kids, new TV services and a device that stabs tiny needles into your face are among the interesting gadgets from Samsung in 2017.

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Samsung's souped-up skincare gadgets will make sure you never have to be ugly again.


Samsung has a bunch of wacky new products to show off for 2017.

The gadgets come from the company's internal incubator for offbeat ideas, the Samsung C-Lab. They'll be among the many tech treats shown off for the first time at CES , the annual gadget extravaganza taking place in Las Vegas in January. Look out for loads of previews, photos and videos of the coolest new kit right here on CNET.

Let's kick off with Tag+, a little button that pairs with a toy and connects to an app. It serves up online fun stuff and joins up with other kids who have the same toy.

That isn't the only fun gadget Samsung is ready to show off. Mopic is a phone case that lets you watch 3D content without a pair of glasses, in case you thought that died five years ago. And the brilliantly-named Mangoslab Nemonic prints from your smart device onto Post-It notes.

Skin in the game

Samsung wants to look after your skin with Lumini and S-Skin, two skin care devices that monitor your complexion. The S-Skin device beams LED light onto your skin to rejuvenate blemishes. It also comes with biodegradable micro-needle patches that push teeny-tiny needles into your face. Because you're worth it!

Lumini is a camera that detects your face and analyses skin care emergencies such as pimples -- gasp! -- freckles -- disaster! -- and increased pores -- oh the horror! It then tells you what products to rub on your face to make sure you conform to society's crushingly unattainable beauty standards.

Smarter smart TV

Samsung also unveiled a trio of updated smart TV services that group together batches of TV shows and related content into personalised categories: Sports, Music and TV Plus.

The Sports option pulls together all the information on your favourite team into one place, no matter which channel is showing the game. The Music service will tell you what song is playing in a live TV show, like Shazam for TV. It supports streaming services including Spotify, Napster, Deezer, Sirius XM and more. It launches in France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

TV Plus creates a new electronic program guide (EPG) based on your favourite shows. Already available in the US and Asia, it comes to Europe in April 2017.

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