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Meta Quest 2 Offers Something for Everyone on Your List

Thanks to its growing library of apps, this virtual reality headset will appeal to gamers and newbies alike.

This story is part of 84 Days of Holiday, a collection that helps you find the perfect gift for anyone.

If you're looking for a fun holiday gift this year, the Meta Quest 2, a virtual reality headset that sweeps you into three-dimensional experiences that feel real, should be at the top of your list. I've owned a Meta Quest since the original, the Oculus Quest, was released in 2019, and it's still one of my all-time favorite gaming devices. 

Why it's a great gift: The Quest 2 offers experiences for everyone. There are so many types of apps on the Quest, from sports and workout simulations such as NFL Pro Era and Supernatural, to out-of-this-world games like Echo VR, where you play ultimate frisbee in zero gravity. (That last game rocks!) Another great game is Demeo, a tabletop dice-rolling board game where you meet up with three other players and move from dungeon to dungeon battling enemies.

The Quest 2 is one of my favorite gifts for friends and family who live far away. It allows us to hang out and feel like we're in the same room. (That's one of the reasons why it surged in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic -- it's a fun way to connect with friends when you can't be nearby.) It's also a great alternative to a standard gaming console because it's completely wireless and doesn't require additional hardware. The headset is light, compact and easy to travel with. I bought the official carrying case so I can bring it to a friend's place or put it in my carry-on for vacations. 

What you'll pay: Meta Quest 2 is available for $399 or $499 depending on storage size, and the price is well worth it. I'd recommend the cheaper model with less storage for most people since it has enough space for a handful of games and you can delete and download experiences as you see fit. If you buy a Quest 2 between now through Dec. 31, you'll get Beat Saber, one of the smash hits in VR, included with your purchase.

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