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DJI's Mavic 2 Pro plans just got officially spoiled by an ink-and-paper catalog

Update: DJI was forced to confirm the Mavic 2 Pro -- after a retailer started advertising the drone!

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Brett Thake (@Chromonian)

DJI was just forced to confirm its hot new Mavic 2 Pro drone -- after it was accidentally advertised for sale in a UK retailer's ink-and-paper catalog!

After DJI postponed a July 18 press event, UK-based retailer Argos apparently didn't have time to pull the listing before its catalog went to print. So you can imagine the surprise when astute reader Brett Thake saw -- and tweeted about -- the unannounced drone:

"Of all places to confirm the Mavic 2 its Argos UK - 2 additions being released Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro (1" CMOS sensor) -- both 31 mins of flight time, 8km range and 1080P live video transmission," Brett Thake tweeted, adding photos of the catalog pages as proof.


Here's the original Mavic Pro, for comparison.


This time, DJI didn't even try to pretend the secret wasn't out. In an emailed statement to CNET and others, DJI confirmed the existence of the new drones:

"This preprinted catalogue was scheduled before we postponed our 'See the Bigger Picture' event to ensure we can deliver high-quality, cutting-edge technology to our customers according to our standard of innovation," the company wrote. "This early look just hints at the many exciting features and capabilities DJI will announce at the proper time.  We look forward to giving our fans an incredible drone experience as soon as we can."

So what can we tell from this "early look"?

The catalog highlights the Mavic 2 Pro's live HD video streaming capability and "omnidirectional obstacle sensing" -- already suspected after a leaked photo fueled speculation earlier this month.

It looks like there'll also be a second "Zoom" version with an optical zoom lens. The listing doesn't mention the cost of either version of the drone.

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Argos said it wasn't aware of the delay until after the latest edition of its catalog was printed.

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First published July 30, 7:40 a.m. PT.
Update, 10:02 a.m.: To reflect that DJI has confirmed the drone.