Say 'hello' to the DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone -- if this photo is real

Why, hello, you folding, flying thing.

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Is this the DJI Mavic Pro's successor drone?


When it comes to pushing the limits of drones that'll fit in a backpack or (very large) purse, DJI has been tops -- the Mavic Pro made flying 4K footage pretty dang portable, and we've called the Mavic Air the best travel drone.

But you might want to hold off on buying either one, because it looks like a new DJI Mavic 2 has just leaked out. DroneDJ published this photo that is currently circulating the web, along with some speculation on how the new drone might compare to the ones we already know. 

The most interesting likely improvement: a modular camera you could swap out to change your gimbal, sensor and perhaps even the camera's field of view. (DJI's Mavic lineup doesn't have the same wide-angle lenses as its Phantom series, so you see less of the world in your shot.) 

It also looks like the drone might have 360-degree obstacle avoidance, which could be a big deal depending on the software. (Watch my video below to see what the rival Skydio drone can do with an entire sphere's worth of cameras helping it dodge objects.)

And if you take a close look at the left of the leaked picture, it seems like the Mavic 2's motor-stabilized camera might be able to become a portable handheld gimbal as well.

Sounds like we're going to have to update our Mavic Air vs. Mavic Pro vs. DJI Spark guide pretty soon. But maybe not right away -- because DJI confirms that though it had a July 18 event planned (perhaps for a product launch?) the event has now been pushed back.

DJI declined to comment on the leak.

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Update, 4:35 p.m. PT: DJI has confirmed it planned a July 18 event in New York that has since been postponed.