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Dell Mobile Connect lets you check your phone on your laptop

The software, announced at CES 2018, works with Android phones and iPhones, and comes preloaded on new Dell laptops.

Xiomara Blanco Associate Editor / Reviews - Tablets and monitors
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Xiomara Blanco

Instead of checking your phone for notifications and messages, Dell's new software lets you easily do that on your laptop.


Dell Mobile Connect lets you control your phone from your laptop. The software will come preinstalled in Dell's upcoming XPS, Inspiron, Alienware and Vostro laptops , the computer giant announced on Tuesday here at CES 2018.

The software is compatible with both Android devices and iPhones , but functionality is limited for Apple phones .

Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Android users can read and respond to texts, make calls and run apps. It also shows notifications for other apps.

iPhone users can't run full apps on the PC, but they can read and respond to texts as well as make and receive calls. iPhone compatibility is expected to roll out at the end of the month.

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