Aussie photographer stars in iPhone 6 gallery

Kim Goodwin's photo was picked by Apple to feature in its latest iPhone 6 campaign. She reveals her favourite apps and tips for budding photographers.

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The best camera is the one you have with you, or so the saying goes. So for many photographers, that best camera just so happens to be a mobile phone.

Thanks to the immediacy of social media feedback and the ease of photo editing with apps, the phone has dramatically reduced the barrier to entry for taking great photographs.

To showcase the diversity of mobile phone photography, Apple has collected a range of images from 51 people around the world that were all taken on an iPhone 6.

Kim Goodwin

Australian photographer Kim Goodwin had her image selected for the gallery. She has been shooting for six years, but iPhone photography has been her main focus for the past three.

"I was really amazed," Goodwin said, when Apple selected her image of El Calafate in Argentina.

"I don't consider myself a to be a great photographer really. I enjoy the creativity, it's an important part of my life, but had never seen myself as being at a particular standard. The images I took at the glaciers clearly touched a nerve with people as I also had an image shared by "Lonely Planet," so it's as much me as the majesty of landscape."

Goodwin also uses a Fuji X100S as her other camera, but alternates evenly between this and the iPhone when travelling. Both cameras have a fixed lens, so she is used to moving into position to get the shot rather than using the digital zoom option on her iPhone.

She has got into the habit of taking and sharing photos every day, often participating in social media challenges. "My husband and my dog are used to me stopping in the middle of the street to photograph something," she said.

For budding iPhone photographers, Goodwin suggests a few different apps. Instagram may be an obvious choice, but she says that the community there is the friendliest. Her camera app of choice is Camera+, while VSCO Cam is used for adjusting clarity and occasionally for filters.

As for lighting, Goodwin never uses flash. "[The] iPhone camera and apps allow you to shoot in all sorts of light, she said. "I find that doing this, and editing the photo later provides the best result. Or get someone else to be your light source."

Working in the creative industries, Goodwin takes a lot of inspiration from fellow photographers and artists Cindy Sherman, Shaun Gladwell and Bill Henson.

The world gallery is available to view on Apple's website, and will also be displayed on billboards in 24 countries worldwide.