Apple's website gives mixed messages about Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR ship date

It's coming this fall -- or maybe September -- depending on where you click.

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Justin Jaffe
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When Apple announced the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR at WWDC last week, it said that the new products would begin shipping in the fall. This morning, the company appeared to refine that release date time frame to September. 

As noticed by 9to5Mac and Macrumors, the company's homepage currently highlights a number of flagship products including the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and the new Mac Pro. From there, you can click a button to learn more about the new desktop -- or be notified when it's available for purchase. At the moment, when you click, "notify me," the resulting pop-up reads "Coming in September." 

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But that's only if you click through from Apple.com. If you ask to be notified on the new Mac Pro product page, the message reads "Coming This Fall." The website shows the same inconsistency for the Pro Display XDR's ship dates, with a September release date given on Apple.com and the more general "Fall" timing shown on the $5,000 display's product page. Apple did not immediately respond to a request to clarify when the new products will ship.


After languishing without an update since 2013, the new Mac Pro turned heads last week when Apple debuted a new design backed with serious performance firepower. Starting at $6,000, the new pro desktop features a distinctive stainless steel frame and aluminum case that can be configured with up to 28 CPU cores and a custom video accelerator card. It was debuted alongside the Pro Display XDR -- a 6K resolution HDR monitor that starts at $5,000. 

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