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Apple's M3 Chip Could Come to New iMac, MacBook Air This Year, Report Says

The tech giant is almost ready to unveil new M3-powered devices, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports.

A MacBook, an iPad and an iMac are displayed against an aqua background.
Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports that Apple computers with the M3 chip are on their way. 

Apple may be only a few months away from launching devices with its new M3 chip. In his Power On newsletter on Sunday, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported that Apple could unveil a new M3-powered MacBook Air in June, followed by an M3 iMac later in the year. 

Apple will reportedly introduce the M3 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, potentially alongside a new 13-inch MacBook Air. The new chip will mark the first time "Apple is moving from 5-nanometer chip process technology to a 3-nanometer design in the Mac," according to Gurman, a well respected and reliable source of Apple rumors.  

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The new M3 iMacs, which are already in the testing phase, will come with mostly internal changes. They reportedly aren't expected to ship until the second half of the year, at the earliest. The M3 chip will also land in an early 2024 refresh of the iPad Pro, Gurman says, which will also see Apple's tablet gain an OLED screen.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Bloomberg previously reported some of this information, though the timeline was less clear. In a September newsletter, Gurman reported that an M3 iMac was in the works, alongside a 15-inch MacBook Air and new Mac Pro. 

Apple has never made a 15-inch MacBook Air. At one point, the company produced an 11-inch version of the ultralight computer, but it was discontinued in 2016. This left the 13-inch model as the sole MacBook Air offering.

The iMac was last updated in April of 2021 with an M1 chip and is now almost two years old. Meanwhile, Apple's most powerful computer, the Mac Pro, was last updated in 2019 and still utilizes Intel processors. It's currently the only Apple device that doesn't run on the company's own silicon.