The Tesla Roadster recently topped our list of the 10 best electric cars, but Tesla isn't resting on its laurels. The company's just unveiled Roadster 2.5 -- not a firmware update, but a brand-new edition with several key improvements.

The new car includes a new front grille and rear diffuser borrowed from the company's Model S electric saloon. It's a subtle change, but it gives the Roadster a more aggressive appearance. Inside, Tesla's introduced more comfortable seats with larger, more supportive bolsters and a new lumbar support system to keep the chiropractor at bay.

As anyone who's watched our Tesla Roadster video review will know, the Roadster's not particularly quiet -- despite its electric engine. So Tesla's introduced new liner materials under the hood to make the cabin quieter than ever. The interior also has a better finish, with an optional 7-inch touchscreen display with a rear-view camera to make parking easier than ever.

Individually, none of the changes are mind-boggling, but we think together they make the Roadster a far more compelling package. The 2.5 is available to order now from Tesla stores worldwide -- it'll set you back a mere £79,000.

The front and rear get a tweaked grille and diffuser. It's subtle, but we think the Roadster's a prettier car for it.
The seats are more comfortable, with better bolsters and lumbar support, and the interior finish is more refined.
You also get a large rear-view camera display as an option.
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