Most Reliable: Toyota 4Runner

Toyota's body-on-frame SUV keeps it nice and simple, which likely helps its reliability. When we drove it, we enjoyed the old-school driving feel mixed with a bit of in-car tech, by way of its Entune infotainment system.

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Most Reliable: Audi Q7

The new Q7 represents one of two different Audis on this list. Our First Take was quite positive, as the Q7 possesses carlike agility, an impressive complement of in-car tech and enough seating or storage space for the whole family.

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Most Reliable: Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet made the list with its all-new Cruze sedan. Our review praised the Cruze's technological loadout, but the powertrain wasn't feeling up to par. It's a solid middle-ground choice for buyers that want a 21st century commuter.

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Most Reliable: Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class

Formerly known as the GLK, the GLC-Class is the only Merc on the list. Available in both traditional and "coupe" layouts, with a range of engines from an efficient four-banger to a raucous, twin-turbocharged V6, the GLC-Class has a variant to suit just about everybody.


Most Reliable: Lexus GS

Larger than the IS, but smaller than the LS, the GS occupies the middle slot in Lexus' sedan lineup. Our most recent review heaped praised upon the efficient-for-its-class hybrid variant, as well as its comfortable adaptive suspension.


Most Reliable: Lexus GX

The GX is basically a reskinned 4Runner, so it makes sense that both variants would end up on the same reliability list. Our review praised the GX 460's full complement of safety systems, as well as the always-impressive Mark Levinson audio system.

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Most Reliable: Audi Q3

Audi's littlest US-market utility vehicle earned CR's respect for its reliability. When we drove it, we thought it was quiet for its size, with an infotainment system with snappy responsiveness and an optional 4G LTE internet connection.

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Most Reliable: Infiniti Q70

The Infiniti Formerly Known as M35 offers both gas and hybrid variants. We drove the long-wheelbase variant and walked away impressed, thanks to a cavernous rear passenger area and an intuitive infotainment system with online search.

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Most Reliable: Lexus CT 200h

It's one of Lexus' oldest models, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Our review of the CT 200h came before its refresh in 2016, but we enjoyed its app suite and the sharper handling that came as part of the F Sport trim package.

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Most Reliable: Toyota Prius

It might be one of the ugliest vehicles on the road, depending on whom you ask, but you don't need to ask anyone to know that it's also one of the most reliable. Our review praised the new Prius for its excellent fuel economy, comfortable rear suspension and suite of driver aid technologies.

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Least Reliable: Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac's body-on-frame luxury bruiser isn't everyone's favorite luxo-barge. CR pointed out several troublesome issues, including transmissions that require replacements, iffy four-wheel-drive components and everyone's least favorite infotainment system, Cadillac CUE.


Least Reliable: Ford Focus

Ford's dual-clutch transmission still haunts the automaker, as consumers continue to misunderstand how dual-clutch transmissions differ from traditional automatics. Even after attempting to fix the issue, buyers still complain about driveline vibrations and rough shifting.

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Least Reliable: Jeep Renegade

When we drove the Jeep Renegade, we didn't like the transmission's downshifting characteristics. It appears buyers don't enjoy the transmission all that much, either, along with its radio and power equipment.

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Least Reliable: Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL

The Suburban and Yukon XL (it's the same vehicle underneath) occupy the second of three GM slots on the list of least reliable vehicles. We didn't like its transmission, and neither did buyers. Another point of consternation was the in-car electronics.

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Least Reliable: Chrysler 200

The Chrysler 200 won't exist next year, and probably for good reason. The ride is on the uncomfortable side, and the transmission doesn't exactly change that opinion. It carried the lowest CR road-test score in its segment.

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Least Reliable: Tesla Model X

If you've missed the last several months of auto-industry news, let's bring you up to speed. Tesla debuted the Model X electric SUV, and buyers found a big ol' heap of problems, many of which are related to the Tesla's "falcon-wing" doors, which aren't exactly reliable.

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Least Reliable: Ram 2500

The only pickup to grace either list, the heavy-duty Ram 2500 pickup suffered from steering vibrations, troublesome 4WD components and wonky emissions controls and sensors, according to Consumer Reports.

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Least Reliable: Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon

Take the reasons why buyers weren't overjoyed by the Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon XL, add steering vibrations, and you've got the list of reasons why these two GM twins are on this list, as well.

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Least Reliable: Ford Fiesta

Once again, Ford's oft-maligned dual-clutch automatic claims another victim. Buyers also complained about noises, even though a bit of noise should be expected in one of the least expensive cars on the market.


Least Reliable: Fiat 500L

If you like reliability, the Fiat 500L is roughly the antithesis thereof. A perennial loser on CR's list, the 500L suffers from a middling dual-clutch transmission, low-rent electronics and the driving dynamics of a broken school bus. That last one is my opinion, not CR's.

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