Vans have always been more practical than pretty, but Citroen's designers have cooked up a bonkers-looking concept that might just put the 'FU' back in 'functional'.

The Tubik, as its name suggests, is inspired by Citroen's TUB and Type H. However, whereas those vehicles were the very definition of 'hideous', the Tubik mainly just looks badass.

Unlike most vans, the Tubik isn't targeted at blokes who deliver sofas. Citroen says it's designed to be an 'executive shuttle with an emphasis on comfort and fun'. Its interior, which can seat nine passengers, includes a 'lounge-style cocoon', complete with leather ceiling and modular, felt-lined seats that can be adjusted so that you're semi-reclined or face-to-face with other occupants.

There's bags of tech inside and out. The doors are unlocked via a fingerprint sensor and the cabin features a 'giant' semi-circular screen with a surround-sound system. That should make I Spy a thing of the past on long road trips.

Up front, the Tubik features something Citroen refers to as the 'cyclotron' module. It's the area of the vehicle that incorporates the driver's seat, pedal assembly, steering wheel and a curved head-up display, which projects driving data onto the windscreen.

The Tubik is powered by Peugeot Citroen's Hybrid4 propulsion system. This system uses a diesel engine to power the vehicle's front wheels and an electric motor to drive those at the rear. 

The Tubik is, sadly, just a concept at this stage, but, if you fancy taking a closer look, we suggest you head to the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, where it'll be on show.

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