Volvo launches Polestar Engineered pack for 60-series cars

The Polestar enhancements will be available on 60-series T8 Twin Engine cars. Yes, even the V60 wagon.

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When it comes to Polestar, we've largely been focused on the company's ambitious plans to launch a trio of electrified cars in the coming years. But don't forget, Polestar isn't a new thing -- prior to its spinoff as a standalone brand, the Swedish tuning arm has been responsible for some of the most entertaining Volvo cars to date.

That's not going to change, either. When the new S60 debuts later this month, Volvo will introduce its new Polestar Engineered tuning pack, which brings a host of upgrades to the company's 60-series models. Following its debut on the S60 sedan, a Polestar Engineered treatment will be available for the XC60 crossover and even the V60 wagon.

The Polestar Engineered pack will only be offered on the range-topping T8 Twin Engine versions of the 60-series cars, positioned above the current R-Design trim.

Polestar Engineered parts for Volvo 60-series models
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Polestar Engineered parts for Volvo 60-series models

Large Brembo brakes with gold-painted, six-piston calipers sit behind Polestar Engineered-specific, lightweight wheels.


Volvo's T8 powertrain is comprised of a 2.0-liter turbocharged and supercharged engine, with an additional battery and electric motor mounted at the rear axle. Polestar Engineered models will turn up the wick on this powerplant slightly, adding 15 horsepower and 22 pound-feet of torque to the mix, for impressive totals of 415 horsepower and 494 pound-feet. Volvo says the Polestar Engineered tune actually improves fuel consumption and "refines the automatic gear selection."

But it's not just about power. Polestar Engineered cars will use Brembo monoblock brakes with six-piston calipers, as well as new brake pads with increased heat tolerance. Recalibrated multilink front and rear suspensions use Öhlins shock absorbers that stiffen the springs and dampers but shouldn't ruin overall ride quality. A new strut bar and the adjustable shock absorber design are brought over from the larger Polestar 1 coupe.

You'll be able to spot a Polestar Engineered car, thanks to its gold-painted brake calipers set behind unique, lightweight wheels. Polestar emblems, black chrome exhaust pipes and gold seat belts round out the package's visual enhancements.

Volvo says the Polestar Engineered treatment will be "available globally in limited numbers," though it's unclear if there's an actual production cap. Polestar Engineered models can be purchased through Volvo dealers or through the company's Care by Volvo subscription service.

Make mine a V60 in Cyan Racing Blue.

Polestar Engineered parts for Volvo 60-series T8 models

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