Volkswagen's T Roc R will debut in Geneva, packing hot hatch vibes

VW isn't giving us much to go on yet with its little crossover, but our expectations are high since it's wearing an 'R' badge.

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It's like the Golf R and the T Roc had a baby and we are digging it.


small SUV game is strong in its native Europe, and to make it even stronger, it announced on Wednesday that a new T Roc R model is coming to the Geneva Motor Show.

What exactly is a T Roc? Well, fellow American, your puzzlement isn't anything to be ashamed of. The T Roc is a small crossover, sized below the Tiguan, that Volkswagen sells mostly in Europe and China. In those markets, its rivals would include the Nissan Kicks, the Hyundai Kona and the Ford Ecosport.

The T Roc R will likely differ from its more-pedestrian siblings in a number of ways. According to Volkswagen's press materials, this R model will feature increased performance; it was tuned on the Nurburgring by the likes of Petter Solberg.

The render that VW released shows it to feature some of the styling cues that we've seen in the Golf R. It's aggressive but subdued. No crazy aero vents or massive wings here.

Volkswagen makes no mention of the T Roc R's expected price nor when it is expected to go on sale. We're likely to see that kind of info closer to its unveiling next month.

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