Tesla, Porsche take top honors in Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey

Fiat came in last place, followed by Nissan, Infiniti and Acura, respectively.

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We critics may help sway buyers, but when it comes down to it, if the owner isn't satisfied, that's what matters most. Consumer Reports just published its annual Owner Satisfaction Survey, and the results look good -- for Porsche and Tesla , at least.

Tesla landed in the top slot in the survey, followed by Porsche, and Subaru, respectively. The automakers are ranked by the number of owners who responded "definitely yes" to the question of whether or not they would purchase the same car all over again. The survey focuses on cars from the 2014 to 2017 model years.

The four top slots were the same as in 2015. In other parts of the rankings, climbed up to 12th from 21st, and moved up from 24th to 13th.

When some automakers move up, though, others must move down. Ram had a hell of a plummet, falling from fifth place to 17th. fell from 16th to 24th, and took a tumble from sixth to 14th place. The bottom five brands in this study are dead last, then , , Acura and Jeep.

In terms of individual vehicles, Consumer Reports compiled a list of the most regrettable models by segment. You can look at each car in the gallery below, but if you don't like pictures, some of the cars that owners most regretted purchasing include the Compass, Nissan Pathfinder, Dart, 200, Dodge Grand Caravan, Nissan Frontier and Acura ILX . It bears mentioning, though, that Fiat Chrysler doesn't actually produce any of the models on this list anymore.

The cars owners most regret buying, according to Consumer Reports

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Editor's note, January 19: Updated the article to add context.