Tesla borked production of its new Model X, Musk says

The statement came in response to a Twitter user who claims to have been waiting a year or more for his new Model X.

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Tesla Model X Plaid
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Tesla Model X Plaid

Tesla is still not totally up to speed building its refreshed Model X.


Tesla's rollout of the revamped Model X hasn't been what anyone would call smooth. This argument has been borne out on Twitter, and on Wednesday, CEO Elon Musk admitted the company's culpability in that situation, beyond the typical COVID supply chain woes.

Musk's statement comes in response to a Model X customer who has been waiting on a car for over a year. That customer, Sawyer Merritt, specifically states, "Here's a criticism, the refreshed Model X rollout has been horrible & the lack of communication to customers who have been waiting for a year or more for their car & keep receiving delays is disappointing."

To which Musk replied: "We dropped the ball badly regarding new Model X production ramp & still haven't fully recovered. Was idiotic to stop production of old X in Dec 2020 when there was still plenty of demand!"

Whether this means that things on the Model X line in Fremont, California, will be back to normal anytime soon remains to be seen, but given the company's aggressive expansion plans and the comparatively narrow slice of the sales pie that the Model X can claim, we'd be surprised if it did.

Tesla does not operate a public relations department to respond to requests for comment.

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