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Tesla Model S and Model X base model deliveries slip to 2023

If you want a non-Plaid Model S or Model X, delivery times are as long as 16 months.

Tesla Model S
Long wait times ahead.

Those placing orders for a Tesla Model S or Model X base model are in for a long wait. Like, seriously long. Tesla's website updated over the weekend to reflect estimated wait times as long as 16 months if buyers decide against a premium Plaid model. For the Model S Long Range with the 19-inch wheels, the electric sedan will be ready for delivery in March 2023. Ditto for the Model X Long Range with its base wheels, the 20-inchers.

However, if you opt for the 21-inch wheels on the Model S you'll see a slightly better delivery timeframe: November 2022. It's a similar story for the Model X's optional 22-inch wheels, which also brings the estimated delivery date down to a year. Regardless, it's quite a lengthy wait for the electric cars.

Tesla recently retooled the lines for its flagship sedan and SUV and began deliveries of the Model S and Model X Plaid earlier this year, but it's been a slow go. Instead, it appears Tesla's much more focused on cranking out the Model 3 and Model Y, which continue to make up the vast majority of new Tesla deliveries. However, like every other automaker, Tesla continues to work through supply chain challenges and bottlenecks, which likely explains these delivery delays. (It also took an order for a month's worth of production from Hertz.) Should things improve, we'll likely see those wait times diminish.