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Tesla Model S subject to a $5,000 price increase

With this latest price bump, Tesla's most luxurious sedan is now $10,000 more expensive than it was earlier this year.

The Model S grows more expensive.

Tesla Model S buyers will need to check the couch cushions for some extra change and crumpled bills as of Wednesday. Overnight, according to prices on the firm's website, the Model S' price rose by $5,000 for a new starting price of $91,190 after a $1,200 delivery charge. Previously, the electric sedan started at $86,190 for a Model S Long Range variant.

While a $5,000 increase more than likely won't deter anyone already shopping pricey cars like the Model S, the extra cost comes hot on the heels of another bump. Just this summer, Tesla already increased the Model S' starting price by $5,000, so actually, we're looking at a $10,000 price jump in about a month. Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment, so we don't know what caused the latest increase. However, it feels more opportunistic than anything as demand remains very strong for Tesla vehicles. CEO Elon Musk also blamed past Model 3 and Model Y increases on tight supply chains and other problems amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Model S Plaid model holds tight at $131,190, which itself received a $10,000 price increase just before launching this summer.

Even if the extra cash doesn't bother customers, the wait times could be a real pain. Updated delivery timelines show anyone ordering the refreshed Model S Long Range won't receive their cars until March to April of 2022. Plaid buyers should expect their cars in January to February of 2022. It's a long time to wait as Tesla works to ramp up production, but these days, there are other EV options shoppers can actually investigate.