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Tesla Model S Plaid sets new quarter-mile record, according to Jay Leno

Leno spoke during a new episode of the Spike's Car Radio podcast and said he witnessed the record take place.

Gotta go fast.

If comedian and car buff Jay Leno's to be believed, the Tesla Model S Plaid is a world-record holder. The celebrity recently called in during an episode of the Spike's Car Radio podcast and said he witnessed the Model S Plaid claim the record for fastest quarter-mile time.

Leno hasn't said anything else aside from the comments on the podcast and Tesla doesn't operate a public relations department to field requests for comment, so we'll have to take his word for now. However, he said the National Hot Rod Association was also present to make the time official. According to him, the final time is a 9.247-second quarter-mile run at 152 mph. A 10-second quarter-mile time from the factory is always impressive, and doubly so for a car with four doors. We don't know if Tesla slapped any special tires or made any sort of modifications to the Model S Plaid to make the record happen, but nevertheless, it's quite a feat.

This record may be part of the reason CEO Elon Musk called the Model S Plaid the word's fastest production car. By the quarter-mile standard, it may be. However, record books typically use top speed runs to measure these achievements. Musk commented on the electric sedan's performance a couple weeks ago while announcing a delivery launch party for the Model S Plaid, set to take place today.

As for the even more powerful and range-packed Model S Plaid Plus, the car's delayed until 2022. If you have the need for EV speed, the standard Plaid will have to do for now. We'll bring the latest when Tesla and the NHRA plan to make this record official.

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