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Teslas will soon be compatible with EVgo charging stations across the US

EVgo welcomes Tesla drivers, and it could be useful if there isn't a Supercharger around.

It's weird to see a Tesla charging outside of a Supercharger.

What started in San Francisco will soon extend nationwide. EVgo on Thursday announced it will retrofit hundreds of its current electric car-charging stations with Tesla plugs to accept the automaker's vehicles. EVgo started the process in the Bay Area in 2019, but this year it's ready to invite Tesla owners to stations outside the company's own Supercharger network. Tesla vehicles require a specific connector that other charging standards don't accommodate, at least not here in the US.

With the rollout of 400 Tesla connectors at EVgo stations, the company will cover each of the major charging standards used by EVs on sale today. The company plans for an additional 200 Tesla chargers at newly constructed stations coming this year, and with smaller projects, there will be more than 600 EVgo stations compatible with Tesla vehicles.

The company said it hopes these investments towards supporting all three standards, and the fact its stations source their juice from renewable energy, will give EVgo a greater advantage as the EV wars heat up this decade. The first stations, aside from those already equipped in San Fransisco, will come online in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC, Salt Lake City and Miami, with more to come.

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