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No Tesla Supercharger station? EVgo now accepts Teslas in San Francisco

EVgo will add Tesla connectors at all of its public charging stations in the city.

Tesla EVgo
Hooray for more charging options!

A Tesla Supercharger station is no longer the only public option for owners in the San Francisco area. EVgo announced on Thursday via Twitter that it will now accept any Tesla model as it begins adding the company's connectors at all public fast charging stations in the city.

It's pretty big news, since Tesla Supercharger stations have long been the main public fast-charging option for drivers. While the Supercharger network is rather robust, more charging options are no bad thing, and Level 2 charging is hardly the quickest way to juice up a Tesla with its long driving range. 

The news also complements Tesla releasing adapters to let drivers charge at any DC fast-charging station running the CHAdeMO standard.

EVgo, which is nationwide, did not immediately respond when asked about plans to expand the offer outside of the Bay Area. It would seem likely that more Southern California stations eventually accept Teslas, too. 

What Tesla owners may need to be prepared for are higher prices. EVgo requires a membership to use its stations and Tesla isn't in charge of setting rates like it does for Supercharger stations. For Model 3 owners without access to any free Supercharger time, however, the announcement is certainly a net positive overall. Especially as it'll also save Tesla drivers from having to buy an adapter -- which costs $450.

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