GM and EVgo will bring over 2,700 new fast chargers to national network

The automaker and charging firm will target cities, and more importantly, suburbs to expand charging station access to new areas.

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Sean Szymkowski
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Coming to a neighborhood near you.


Automakers plan to roll out numerous new electric cars over the course of this decade, but they won't do much good if drivers don't have consistent access to a plug. General Motors and EVgo will diminish that exact fear.

On Friday, the automaker and charging station operator said both will buddy up to build over 2,700 new fast charging plugs across the US. The construction will take place over the next five years, but the plan will see access expand to new areas to help boost EV adoption.

Suburbanites may have never seen a charging station in their lives, but GM said the suburbs will be target areas for this expansion. A fair share of the new fast charging plugs will crop up in multi-unit homes like apartments or in other places where drivers typically rent rather than own a home. 

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Outside of dwellings, both companies also plan to target retail outlets, grocery stores and high-traffic areas where drivers typically spend 15 to 30 minutes. While they go about their errands, an EVgo fast charger can juice up an electric car. Expect rates of 100 to 350 kilowatts to future proof the stations for more powerful EV batteries to come. The two companies added these new stations will be able to charge at least four vehicles at a time, too, and power will come from renewable energy sources.

The first stations will go live next year, and by the time the GM partnership runs its course in 2025, EVgo will have a charging infrastructure triple the size it is today.

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