Rolls-Royce confirms Cullinan name for ultra-posh SUV

Believe it or not, the name wasn't set in stone until this week.

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That Cullinan's A-pillar is showing! Have some modesty, sheesh.


When Rolls-Royce started referring to its forthcoming ultra-luxury SUV as Project Cullinan, most figured that would become its name, but Rolls-Royce didn't exactly confirm that -- until today.

Rolls-Royce will name its new SUV the Cullinan, the automaker confirmed today. The name comes from the Cullinan Diamond, the largest gem-quality diamond ever found, weighing more than 3,100 carats. That's a very Rolls-Royce name for what will undoubtedly be a very Rolls-Royce SUV.

The company isn't releasing any specifications just yet, and we're not quite sure when the car will actually break out of its camouflage and reveal itself to the world. Considering this announcement comes a few weeks ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, there's a chance it could be unveiled there, but only a chance -- Rolls-Royce debuted its flagship eighth-generation Phantom at a private event, and that sort of intimate shindig seems more up R-R's alley than a flashy auto show stage debut.

While we don't quite know what to expect, it's a Rolls-Royce, so you can rely on a few different things. It will probably have a beefy but oddly quiet turbocharged engine of sizable displacement. Its interior will probably be better outfitted than any SUV currently on the market, including the Bentley Bentayga. It will probably look like a Phantom VIII on stilts.

We'll know for sure after it debuts... whenever that may be.

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