Porsche Taycan is brand's best-selling non-SUV model

The electric sedan has, clearly, struck a chord with those shopping the luxury electric sedan segment.

The Taycan's performing pretty well so far, but it still needs to hunt down Tesla.
Steven Ewing/Roadshow

Porsche wanted to take the fight directly to Tesla's Model S when it launched the Taycan electric sedan. While it's not close to actually dethroning the Tesla in the sales race, it is Porsche's best-selling model that isn't an SUV.

In the brand's third-quarter sales report, Porsche said it sold 1,858 Taycan sedans. That's more than the 911, which found 1,567 homes last quarter, and more than the 718 range or Panamera. The 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster duo sold 1,084 units, while Porsche moved 1,064 Panameras. The fact the Taycan outsold the Panamera, which you can sort of consider as the electric sedan's gasoline-powered cousin, is pretty impressive.

None of the passenger cars can touch Porsche's SUV sales, however. The Cayenne sold 4,509 units, which is actually up 5% compared to this time last year. And that's amid the coronavirus pandemic, mind you. The smaller Macan was its best seller with 5,466 of the SUVs moved from dealership to driveway. However, the figure is down 16% compared to this time last year. 

And if buyers weren't shopping new Porsches, they certainly didn't shy away from certified pre-owned models. The company said its CPO business increased a whopping 26% in the third quarter with 7,661 CPO Porsches finding new owners.

It will be fun to watch how the Taycan continues to perform, but to put to put the 1,858 cars sold into some sort of perspective, Tesla today said it delivered 15,200 Model S and Model X EVs. Tesla lumps the two together, but it's safe to say there are more than 1,800 Model S sedans in that chunk of luxury EVs it sold.

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