Tesla's third-quarter deliveries speed past estimates

The electric carmaker again beat back pessimists and said it delivered nearly 140,000 cars in the third quarter.

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Sean Szymkowski
Tesla Model 3 deliveries
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Tesla Model 3 deliveries

Tesla keeps on cranking.


Factory shutdown aside, 2020 has been kind to Tesla . The good news machine keeps on humming as the automaker said on Friday it delivered 139,300 vehicles in the third quarter of this year.

The figure beats estimates that ranged from 120,000 to 134,000 vehicles delivered, and it will surely help calm any fears Tesla's reach only goes so far. Tesla's official numbers are broken down into two categories: the Model S and Model X and the Model 3 and Model Y. The latter duo was the company's best-seller, with Tesla delivering 124,100 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles last quarter. As for the Model S and Model X, the automaker delivered 15,200.

In terms of outright production, Tesla said it built 16,992 Model S and Model X EVs, and 128,044 Model 3 and Model Y EVs. The automaker hinted at even more positive news, saying, "New vehicle inventory declined further in Q3 as we continue to improve our delivery efficiency."

Moving into the final quarter of this year, Tesla will look to continue the positive delivery numbers as it prepares to start construction of its new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. There, it plans to build the Cybertruck and Model Y for customers on the east coast. Work also continues on a new Gigafactory in Berlin, which will provide Tesla a crucial footprint for European production.

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