Porsche Taycan convertible? If demand's there, it very well may happen

Porsche's product chief named a number of Taycan EVs we could see. It just depends on what buyers want.

A roofless Taycan could be quite good.

We could see one or more new Porsche Taycan variants hit the streets in the years to come, but only if Porsche sees demand for the EVs. Autocar first reported Thursday on comments from the company's product chief, Stefan Weckbach, saying a Taycan convertible, coupe and a lower-slug wagon to complement the Taycan Cross Turismo are all possible.

A Porsche spokesperson told Roadshow they are, indeed, possible and added, "If we feel the demand is there, we generally build it. Only time will tell which of these will come to fruition." Essentially, it's up to customers to make some noise if they want more Taycan variants. The sedan is already an impressive thing, and the Cross Turismo tugs at the heart strings of wagon lovers.

Weckbach made no clear comments on which way the Taycan may go next, but the chatter definitely underscores the company's eagerness to expand the Taycan line. Aside from a possible convertible, a wagon would drop the rugged body protection and the minor suspension lift to complement the Panamera Sport Turismo. Meanwhile, a coupe could slot in as an even cooler electric model from Porsche.

All the while, Porsche will continue to expand into electric cars with a Macan EV. One day, Weckbach said, we'll likely be talking about a Cayenne EV as well.

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