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Electric next-gen Porsche Macan sneakily revealed in clay model form

Porsche released photos of a bunch of never-before-seen concept cars, and the new Macan EV is in the background of one of them.

Hello, new Macan!

Porsche released a new book called Porsche Unseen that takes the wraps off of 15 never-before-released concept cars that were created from 2005 to 2019, with the models ranging from hypercars to electric delivery vans. But I'm not here to talk about any of those amazing concepts -- I'm here to talk about a clay model that was sneakily placed in the background of one of the photos. What you're looking at, folks, is the fully electric next-generation Macan crossover.

How do I know it's the new Macan? Well, because it matches spy photos published by our friends at Autoblog a few weeks ago, and also because it just looks like an evolution of the Macan we know and love. The headlights are slimmer and shaped kind of like the Taycan's, and there's a distinct lack of a grille at the front. There's a rectangular intake on the lower part of the front bumper as well as slim vertical elements at the sides that could be lights or additional intakes. Otherwise, the new Macan's front end is smooth and defined by a crisp horizontal line below the headlights.


Here's the full version of the image, showing the 919 Street concept.


Moving along to the sides of the car there are more defined haunches than on the current Macan and a sleeker, more coupe-like roofline. The Macan's trapezoidal design element above the side skirts remains, with the skirts themselves looking a little more aggressive. I can't see the rear end, but Autoblog's spy shots show an active rear spoiler and the Macan will almost certainly get a full-width lightbar.

Porsche first announced that the next-gen Macan would be fully electric back in February 2019. Unlike the Taycan, which rides on the J1 platform shared with the upcoming Audi E-Tron GT, the Macan will sit on the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform that has been co-developed with Audi and will underpin a bunch of other Volkswagen Group electric cars. Expect 800-volt charging capability and some seriously quick acceleration figures.

The electric Macan will go into production at some point in the next couple years at Porsche's Leipzig factory, which currently churns out the existing Macan and the Panamera. Speaking of the existing Macan, it'll continue to soldier on for a few more years alongside the new electric one, and will get another minor refresh to update the interior. It's unclear if the Macan EV will get a different name, but it's a possibility.