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Porsche Passport car subscription expands to four new cities

Canadians can also partake this time around.

Porsche Passport car subscription
Netlfix, Spotify and... Porsche? Yeah, you can subscribe to sports cars.

It's unclear how car buying and leasing will change in the future. What is very clear is automakers are keen to explore options here and now. That's led to numerous car-subscription programs from various companies, and Porsche's is expanding.

The German luxury and sports car maker said on Wednesday its Porsche Passport subscription program will now be available in four new cities: Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix and Toronto, Ontario. It's the first time the program has expanded outside of US borders. 

Think of Porsche Passport as an even more flexible lease with vehicle swapping allowed. The program consists of two tiers: "Launch" and "Accelerate." The former is the least-expensive option and starts at $2,100 per month before taxes and other fees. Subscribers will gain access to eight Porsche models that they can swap out at any time. A concierge will pick up and deliver the cars at a desired location such as work or at home.

Opting for the "Accelerate" tier adds 12 high-performance models to the roster for a total of $3,100 per month. Both programs cover all operating costs aside from fuel.

So far, Porsche said the pilot program that started in Atlanta, Georgia, has produced excellent insights. Per the company, the average subscription length is four months with most cancellations due to extended periods of travel. Perhaps most notable is the fact that 80% of subscribers never owned or leased a Porsche prior to the Passport program. The average subscriber swaps their car 2.5 times per month and the company saw positive feedback from the month-to-month nature of the program, unlike a lease or purchase that locks an individual in for years.

Alongside Passport, Porsche Drive will follow the subscription program. Drive is a lot like Passport-lite and offers Porsche vehicles for limited rentals of at least four hours for a day. Prices range from a few hundred dollars for four hours to a couple thousand dollars for a week. Want a fancy ride to make a grand entrance? That's what Porsche Drive is for.

Up until now, Porsche itself has run the subscription programs, but dealers will now be take control in each of the cities -- that includes the Atlanta pilot.

Update, 3:50 p.m.: Adds clarification from Porsche on dealers' role in the expansion.

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