Porsche Passport lets you rent 22 different cars for $3,000 per month

Considering that's what some people pay to finance one Porsche, it's a decent deal.

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Subscription-style access to cars is slowly growing in popularity, and Porsche is the latest automaker to take advantage of the trend.

Porsche Passport has a pretty straightforward premise -- pay a set amount of money each month, and gain access to a library of Porsche vehicles that will be delivered right to your door for however long you want to drive it.

There are two tiers. The $2,000 per month "Launch" package lets you choose from eight different model variants, including the 718 Boxster and Cayman, Macan S and Cayenne. Spring for the $3,000 per month "Accelerate" package, and that expands to 22 variants, including the Panamera 4S, 911 Carrera S and Cayenne S E-Hybrid.

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Want a Cayenne during the week but a Cayman on the weekend? Easy peasy.


In order to join, you have to download the Porsche Passport app and pay a one-time $500 activation fee. After a background and credit check, you're in. The monthly premiums include tax, registration, insurance, maintenance and detailing. There's apparently no limit to the number of swaps you can have in a given month, and there's no mileage limitation, either.

Porsche Passport will start as a pilot program in the Atlanta area, since that's where Porsche Cars North America is headquartered. Vehicle deliveries will begin in November, and will likely expand based on the pilot program's success.

Porsche is not the first automaker to do something like this. Cadillac has its Book by Cadillac program, which costs $1,500 per month and includes high-end, Platinum-trim vehicles. Volvo is experimenting with something similar with its Care by Volvo plan, announced alongside the new XC40 SUV.

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