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Watch Porsche explain the Mission E Cross Turismo's design

There's certainly more than enough to talk about on this car. It's busy.


It was a real surprise when Porsche's all-electric Mission E morphed into a crossover at this year's Geneva Motor Show, but it's still unmistakably a Porsche. Now, there's a new video to walk you through some of its design elements.

Porsche put out a short video, below, that discusses some of the Mission E Cross Turismo's design inspirations. Outside, it's clearly a Porsche, albeit with plenty of concessions made to the gods of aerodynamics to preserve that all-important EV range. The door handles sit flush with the body to cut down on turbulence. Heck, even the charging door slides up instead of swinging out.

The interior is more concept car than production, but that's mostly in the seats. The dashboard, with its full complement of screens and limited assortment of physical switches, likely points to the future of all Porsche interiors -- think of it as a logical extension of what we've already seen in the new Panamera and Cayenne.

While the Mission E Cross Turismo is still a concept, there's a good chance you might see this at a dealership in the next decade. If customers provide enough positive feedback, we could see a production version as early as 2021. As much as I miss the sedan concept, I also accept the reality that crossovers are hot right now, so it's a wise move that will appeal to more buyers than a pure electric sports car would.