Porsche 911 Turbo S in for optional Sport and Lightweight packages

Porsche has options on options for the 911 Turbo S, because of course it does.

Orange you glad there's a new 911 Turbo? I am.

Honestly, it's probably really hard to make any Porsche 911 look identical to another with so many options available. But wait, there's more coming for the newly revealed 911 Turbo S.

Porsche said on Tuesday it has two new packages in the pipeline for the sports car, which quite frankly reads a lot more like a supercar these days. The first is pictured above and shows the Sport Package option. It's based on the existing Sport Design Package, with gloss-black accents and a special taillight design, likely the "clear" taillights already optional for the 911.

The option basically removes the red bar from the taillight strip. There are also dark silver wheels available and a carbon fiber roof is standard. The latter option is already available for even the base 911 Carrera, however. So, really, think of it as a combination of some of Porsche's greatest hits rolled into one package.

The second package is for those looking to shed weight from the 911 Turbo S with an appropriate name: the Lightweight Package. Porsche said the configuration takes 66 pounds off the sports car via full bucket seats, a rear seat delete and less sound deadening. Bundled for buyers' driving pleasure is the sport exhaust and sport suspension options. Porsche didn't have photos ready at the time of this writing, but a representative said to imagine a 911 GT3 kind of creation with racier seats and the rear seats stripped out entirely.

Porsche plans to put both options into production in the near future, and thus, we don't know how much they'll cost just yet. If you can plunk down the cash for a new 911 Turbo S, the price tags shouldn't be a cause for concern anyway.

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