Porsche 911 gets a human touch with fingerprint graphic option

You can now opt to have your fingerprint printed on your 911's hood, if you're into that.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Porsche fingerprint option

This is certainly a look.


Personalization has become an explosive factor when it comes to luxury vehicles. Numerous brands operate special divisions dedicated to making their high-end vehicles just right for each customer, including Porsche . The latest option out of Stuttgart definitely puts the "personal" in personalization.

Porsche announced on Monday that its Exclusive Manufaktur program can now print an owner's fingerprint directly onto a new 911. It's a seriously complex process, which for now is only available for the 911's hood, but in the future, Porsche wants to expand to other parts of the car.

The company began the investigative process into the technology at its paint shop at its Zuffenhausen training center. Once the hardware and software was ready for prime time, the process came together. Porsche likens the technology to an inkjet printer; rather than using a film application, the system applies paint to 3D components in a precise manner, with no overspray guaranteed. The process sees robotics, application technology and paint tech come together to make it all possible, but this all happens after the 911 comes off the assembly line.

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Porsche says the customer knows exactly what the company does with the fingerprint and data collection associated with the process. It's unclear, however, if this is a direct print of the full fingerprint. Of course, having one's fingerprint displayed on a car could expose the owner to some security risks. Porsche didn't immediately return a request for comment.

For those ready to get super personal with their new 911, the fingerprinting will be a 7,500 euro option -- roughly $8,100 at current exchange rates. The program goes live this March.

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