Polestar's first dealership 'Space' to open in Norway in mid-2019

Don't worry, misanthropes -- you can still buy the Polestar 1 without any human interaction if you want.

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Norway's consumers are very, very keen on electrified vehicles right now, so it makes sense that Polestar would set up shop there.


When Polestar brand completes its spinoff and puts its first car on sale, it won't do so at traditional dealerships, opting instead for something the automaker calls a "Space." And now, we know where the first one will open up.

Polestar announced Thursday that it plans to open its first Polestar Space in Oslo, Norway -- in the city's downtown on Øvre Slottsgate, in case you're familiar with it. Polestar estimates that its first Space will open in mid-2019, with additional locations to follow, including here in the US. Expect the first Polestar Space to open in New York later in 2019.

Similar to 's stores, Polestar's Spaces won't have commissioned salesmen trying to make sure their checks are large enough this week to cover travel soccer costs. Instead, the automaker will offer a no-pressure vehicle experience, using the Space to educate you about what Polestar wants to achieve, in addition to letting you get up close and personal with the cars, even if you're not ready to buy that day.

If you're not a fan of human interaction at all, you're in luck. You can also pick up Polestar's first plug-in hybrid through entirely digital means, much as you're allowed to do the same with Volvo's Care by Volvo subscription program. And much like Care by Volvo, you'll be able to make lump-sum payments that include the car, maintenance and insurance.

And unless you have robber-baron money, that subscription might be necessary to afford it. The Polestar 1 will go on sale with a $155,000 price tag. Then again, considering it's expected to have more than 600 horsepower and an electric-only range that beats some early EVs' full-on range figures, the Polestar 1 wasn't ever expected to be cheap.

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