Midengine C8 Chevy Corvette leak appears to show rear bumper in its entirety

Only nine more days until its official reveal.

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We've put the image from Instagram here, just in case the Instagram post embedded below is deleted.

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The eighth-generation Chevrolet Corvette, known colloquially as the midengine Corvette, is one of the biggest automotive debuts in recent years. Unsurprisingly, the automaker has kept a tight leash on information, and surprisingly few leaks have surfaced despite its debut being less than two weeks away. Although, it appears Chevy's luck may have run out.

On Monday, an Instagram post surfaced that appears to show the C8 Corvette's rear end. In keeping with usual midengine styling, the rear end is almost as high as the car's roof, with pronounced taillights that look to blend the current styling of both the Corvette and the . There's a big ol' cutout for the license place, two major air vents just below the taillights and four squared-off tailpipes at the bottom.

Chevrolet declined to engage "in speculation," but it's unlikely that the automaker would admit to anything this close to the car's debut. OEMs routinely decline to discuss vehicles that have not made official debuts, and of all the times to break with that tradition, this probably isn't one of 'em, especially since we're just nine days away from seeing the whole thing.

What we know about the C8 Corvette at this juncture is limited to a few teasers Chevrolet put out in April, showing a fully camouflaged model rolling through the streets of New York. We've heard the same car do a lap of the driveway at the Corvette National Museum, leading us to believe at least one trim level will pack a properly throaty V8. In all likelihood, there will be multiple trims on offer, but we'll only probably see a single variant at its debut.

Thankfully, the hoi polloi can watch the same debut livestream as us in the Fourth Estate. The livestream will kick off at a special GM website on July 18 at 7:30 p.m. PT. The car will take a tour through Chevy dealerships across the US after its unveiling, so many folks won't have to wait for an auto show to see what makes this new Corvette so special.

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