Listen to the midengine 2020 Chevy Corvette take a lap at the Corvette Museum

We still have no idea what's under the hood -- or engine cover, in this case.

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Chevrolet finally acknowledged the existence of the midengine 2020 , but we're still light on details ahead of its July 18 debut. However, thanks to the above video, now we have a little better idea of its exhaust note.

The Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, posted a video of the midengine Corvette prototype to its YouTube page Saturday. The video shows the 2020 Corvette taking a slow lap around the museum's entrance drive while just about every living being in the neighborhood looks on, cell phone cameras out and snapping. The sound is a little hard to hear over the ambient environmental noise, but it's there.

Despite the audible snarl, though, it's still hard to pin down exactly what is hiding out under that engine cover. While a V8 would be the least heretical choice, given the Corvette's history with 'em, there's always a chance Chevrolet could pull a and slap a high-output, forced-induction V6 in there. A V8 still stands as the most likely engine for the MR Corvette, though, with rumors pointing to an output around 520 horsepower.

The 2020 Corvette prototype was in Bowling Green for more than just a YouTube video. Chevy's eight-gen 'Vette went down yonder Kentucky way as part of an announcement that General Motors will add a second shift to the Corvette's sole production facility in Bowling Green in order to support production demands. GM says this second shift will add more than 400 hourly jobs to the facility, bringing the net workforce north of 1,300 employees.

Chevy teases the midengine 2020 Corvette

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