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Mercedes-Benz EQE electric sedan debuts in September with Hyperscreen

It will be unveiled at the Munich auto show alongside AMG's first EV and a Maybach EQS SUV concept.

The new Mercedes EQE is shaping up nicely.

Mercedes-Benz is going to be unveiling a slew of new products at the inaugural Munich Auto Show in September, and chief among them will be the EQE electric sedan. The company has previously talked about the EQE and released photos of camouflaged prototypes, but on Thursday Mercedes showed the first teasers of the car without any disguise.

The exterior shot shows the EQE's rear three-quarter view, and it's no surprise that the car looks much like its larger EQS sibling. It has the same one-bow design and sleek greenhouse, though the EQE's rear haunches and front fenders are much more pronounced. There are thin LED taillights connected by a central lightbar, and the EQS' rad helix swirl pattern is found here too. We can also see a port on the front quarter panel just like the one on the EQS, for refilling the washer fluid. The EQE will have a short rear deck with an integrated spoiler, and it will likely have a liftback rear hatch like the EQS.

The EQE will get the Hyperscreen!


More revealing is the interior shot. It confirms that the smaller EQE will also get the Hyperscreen, Mercedes' revolutionary infotainment display that spans the entire width of the dashboard. The EQE's cabin does look smaller, so its Hyperscreen probably won't be as big as the EQS' 56-inch unit, but it looks impressive nonetheless. The Hyperscreen likely won't be standard, though -- expect base models to get a portrait-style screen like the one in the new C-Class. The EQE also has turbine-style airvents, a tall center console with open space below and lots of slick ambient lighting.

The EQE will ride on the same EV-dedicated MEA platform as the EQS. Expect rear-wheel drive as standard with all-wheel drive as an option, and a range of potentially over 400 miles. The EQE will be sized similarly to the current E-Class, and Mercedes says it will be a showcase of "how sporty and comfortable" an electric sedan of this class can be. Next year the EQE sedan will also be joined by an SUV version, too.

In addition to the EQE, Mercedes will unveil its first fully electric AMG model at the Munich show, most likely a version of the EQS. Also debuting in Munich will be an electric Maybach EQS SUV concept, the plug-in hybrid version of the AMG GT 4-Door, a new Smart crossover concept and the C-Class All-Terrain wagon.

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