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Lucid Air Dream Edition Range, Performance models provide 500 miles or 1,111 hp

Lucid Air Dream Edition buyers have a choice: the red pill or the blue pill. Not really, it's much simpler than The Matrix.

Lucid Air Dream Edition
The first Dream Edition cars are coming.

Those with a reservation for a Lucid Air Dream Edition will soon have a choice to make: range or performance? Or rather, Range or Performance. On Wednesday, the startup carmaker revealed the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range and Performance models. While we've known the Dream Edition would help the electric sedan launch the brand, this fork in the road provides customers with two options.

As you can tell by their names, one focuses on maximizing the distance it can travel on one charge, while the other is all about the most power. Go with the former and you'll be treated to Lucid's long-promised 500-plus mile electric sedan. The company believes the EPA will dish out a 517-mile range when all's said and done, but we don't yet have official figures. Opt for the latter and you will have 1,111 horsepower at your fingertips. Note the Air Grand Touring option should also sport a 500-plus mile range. It shouldn't be exclusive to the Dream Edition.

Making your choice doesn't really sacrifice range or performance all that much. The Dream Edition Range still makes 993 hp, so no, it's not slow. On the other hand, the Dream Edition Performance should still return a company-estimated 475 miles. Both of those figures outperform the Tesla Model S Long Range, which the EPA estimates will do 405 miles.

The whole Lucid Air family will come in time, with prices starting at $70,000.


The two-prong approach of the Dream Edition also nixes what the original car was meant to be. You may recall that when reservations first opened for the Lucid Air Dream Edition, customers paid $7,500 with specs already outlined. The plan was to deliver the car with 1,080 hp, 21-inch aero wheels, the option of a unique color and 465 miles of range. That's out the window, though prices remain the same no matter which version a customer wants. You still need to fork over $169,000.

Reservations for the car are closed since the Dream Edition is totally sold out, and Lucid plans to begin deliveries later this year. We still don't have a firm timeline, but according to the company, the Air Grand Touring model will follow right behind the Dream Edition EVs.