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Lordstown Motors Endurance reveal: Watch the electric pickup debut here

Another electric truck challenger will come to light on June 25.

On June 25, the electric pickup truck segment will grow a little more crowded. Newcomer Lordstown Motors will reveal the Endurance at an event livestreamed from its factory. Before the sheets come off entirely, Roadshow has the first information on the electric truck's debut.

For your viewing pleasure, we've attached the livestream above to make it nice and easy to watch the debut unfold. We'll hopefully learn a lot about this pickup build from the ground up because Lordstown Motors promises some incredible engineering, such as in-wheel hub motors. So far, we've seen design renderings of the truck that suggest a unique design and a cabin that's pretty no-frills save for a big touchscreen display.

LM sprang into the spotlight after purchasing General Motors' plant in Lordstown, Ohio, which most recently assembled the now-discontinued Chevrolet Cruze. The startup truckmaker hopes to build around 20,000 Endurance pickups in its first year of production, which will kick off this coming January.

Stick around and see if the Endurance is pitched as a shot at more established automakers prepping their own electric pickups. The Tesla Cybertruck, GMC Hummer EV and Rivian R1T come to mind.

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