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Lordstown Motors shows off Endurance electric pickup's interior

The sketches preview the production-intent interior, which should be ready for delivery in January next year.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Lordstown Motors Endurance electric truck interior sketch
Lordstown Motors

Slowly but surely, Lordstown Motors is closing in on its big reveal for the Endurance electric pickup truck. While we've seen numerous shots of the prototype in various sketches and renderings, we never knew what lurked inside. Until now, that is.

On Wednesday, LM published a handful of interior sketches that detail the Endurance's cockpit for the first time. These are meant to be production-intent sketches, so the final assembly should look like this in many ways.

Ahead of the driver, and spanning across the dashboard, is a massive screen that will more than likely display essential info for the driver and handle whatever kind of infotainment LM packs into the pickup. There's a relatively production-looking steering wheel in place, the seats look rather normal and there's a typical center console. It looks like some HVAC controls sit just below the screen in the center of the cabin and it also appears the cabin vents stretch all the way from the upper part of the dashboard along the front of the cabin. The line actually looks reminiscent of some of the Endurance's exterior design.

A second sketch shows the shifter will either sit on the dashboard in a push-button style, or the driver will select a gear via a dial on the console. There are also a couple of different LM logos for the steering wheel on display as well. LM said it partnered with Hydra Design Labs to bring the exterior and interior designs to life, and the company's work will be on display with the first prototype pickup to be shown on June 25.

Lordstown Motors Endurance EV pickup wants to win over fleets

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We don't have any info on the pickup's battery, how much power it'll make or what kind of range we're looking at, but we hope to learn more of those details when the electric truck debuts. What we do know is LM is committed to putting in-wheel electric motors into production with the Endurance -- a mighty feat of its own.

Preorders have been open for the pickup for a while now and the company has already gained a lot of interest from fleets. The pickup will serve fleet buyers first and LM has a handful of letters of intent in its hands for various companies to purchase the Endurance. First deliveries should take place in January 2021.

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