Lincoln Continental luxury sedan ends its voyage in 2020

The now-discontinued sedan means Lincoln will go all-in on SUVs.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition
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2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition

The Continental was at its best with the Coach Door edition.


It's hardly a surprise, but Lincoln will officially end Continental production this year.

The company told workers at the plant in Flat Rock, Michigan that production will cease this year, Automotive News first reported on Wednesday.

A Lincoln spokesperson told Roadshow, "Lincoln is investing in growth segments and the brand will feature a full portfolio of SUVs , including a fully electric vehicle in the future. Lincoln will continue to keep its newest SUVs fresh, and we will have more news to share later this year; however, as the full-size premium sedan segment continues to decline in the US, we plan to end production of the Lincoln Continental at the end of this year."

2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition brings elegance back

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However, the historic nameplate will live on in China and continue for the 2021 model year there.

The Continental was meant to help relaunch Lincoln in 2016 with a new corporate face and some serious luxury chops. The brand also rolled out the Coach Door Edition with the model's famed suicide doors in 2019. Yet, Americans' appetite for utility vehicles ultimately killed the sedan.

Lincoln's future is largely a mystery as it moves to SUVs only. But, as the spokesperson alluded to, the brand does have an electric vehicle in the pipeline. Originally, there were also plans for a Rivian-based Lincoln EV, but the companies scrapped it earlier this year.

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