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Rivian-based Lincoln electric vehicle canceled due to coronavirus

Ford's luxury division did say it still has its own electric vehicle in development, and there's a different Rivian-based model coming.

We'll never know what this original vehicle was, but there's still another Lincoln-Rivian vehicle coming.
Craig Cole/Roadshow

The coronavirus has canceled an incredible number of events, but now it's even canceled a new vehicle.

Lincoln confirmed with Roadshow it will no longer pursue an electric vehicle based on Rivian's skateboard platform after Automotive News first reported the news Tuesday. The brand said both companies decided to not pursue development and cited the "current environment."

Lincoln still plans to "continue to work with Rivian on an alternative vehicle based on Rivian's skateboard platform." Yes, that's a tad confusing and muddies the waters a bit.

A Rivian spokesperson affirmed both companies' commitments to work together and told Roadshow there will still be a jointly developed vehicle -- it just won't be the same one. We never received any concrete evidence to suggest what kind of vehicle this now-canceled project was, but it's safe to say it was some sort of utility vehicle.

We can only assume the two companies will pivot to create a different kind of EV. Neither Lincoln nor Rivian commented on potential future vehicles.

While Lincoln and Rivian sort a new EV out, Ford luxury division did confirm the brand has its own EV in development. Details are inexistent, but this one will ride on a Ford platform and still embody Lincoln's DNA.

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