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Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition swings back in for 2020

There will be a slightly larger production run this time around, too.

2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition
Bringing elegance back yet again.

Lincoln promised there would be more Continental Coach Door Editions coming, and it's followed through. Following the first round of models built for the 2019 model year, the suicide doors return for 2020.

The luxury brand said on Friday that the 2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition order books open today before closing at the end of the month. Lincoln also confirmed with Roadshow that the production run will be about 150 units this time. For the 2019 model year, only 80 of these 1960s-inspired Continentals were up for grabs. Though, that figure was appropriate noting the special-edition sedan marked the nameplate's 80th anniversary.

Like last year, the Continental Coach Door Edition is still based on the Black Label trim, though Lincoln has made some updates. Now, the flow-through rear center console includes a cushioned table with hard trim, tablet or notebook holders (something for the analog and digital among us), a wireless charging pad for cell phones plus audio and climate controls complete with a 4-inch screen.

Looking for extra storage? No problem, says the 2020 Continental Coach Door Edition. There's also now a secured storage department. Final touches include "Continental Coach Door Edition" badging in the back, dual umbrella holders (complete with a Lincoln umbrella) and illuminated rear door sills. The back seat remains the best part of this special Continental, no doubt.

Buyers can choose from two interior themes: alpine and chalet or jet black and thoroughbred. Black, white and chroma crystal blue are the exterior hues on deck this time around. If white or black fits the bill, Lincoln will also offer a monochromatic pack to darken some elements.

No matter the color and finish options chosen, a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 hustles the swanky cruiser around, and power flows to all four wheels via an all-wheel-drive system.

These elegant looks still don't come inexpensively, however. The entry price to swinging-sixties-inspired fashion is $115,470 before a destination charge. But, be real. If the Continental is on your shopping list, it has to have suicide doors.

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