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Lego McLaren Senna took 9 times longer to build than the real thing

The plastic recreation is 1,100 pounds heavier than a functional Senna.

Lego McLaren Senna
It's the first Lego McLaren model to feature genuine parts from the real car.

The McLaren Senna has been immortalized in plastic bricks as a full-size Lego model. 

McLaren announced Tuesday that assembling the Lego Senna took builders 2,725 hours and a total of 467,854 bricks -- or nearly twice as many Lego bricks as were needed to create a McLaren 720S model a few years prior.

McLaren also pointed out that the assembly time for the Lego Senna was about nine times longer than the approximately 300 hours it took the company to hand build each of the Senna production cars. Add in the time taken to design and develop the model, and McLaren says producing this Senna required a total of 4,935 hours of work from 42 Lego employees. The Lego Senna is also 1,100 pounds heavier than the real thing, scaling at about 3,748 pounds.

The one-to-one Lego model does a faithful job of recreating the look of a genuine Senna, with the car's expressive bodywork, massive adjustable rear wing and functional dihedral doors all made from bricks. The lights and infotainment system are functional, McLaren says, and pushing the car's engine-start button plays a recording of a Senna roaring to life. However, not everything is assembled from bricks: The model's pedals, steering wheel, driver's seat, badges, wheels and tires are all genuine ones from McLaren.

McLaren plans to roll out the Lego Senna at events this year, including at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July. For McLaren fans who want to get a scaled-down, easier-to-build version of this supercar model, well, there's always the Lego Speed Champions Senna kit, which comprises just 219 pieces and starts at $15.