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Lamborghini's motorsport division built a hypercar and it rocks a V12

The fine humans at Lamborghini Squadra Corse have something special prepared.

Lamborghini hypercar teaser
Better start saving now -- Lambo's special editions aren't exactly affordable.

No one inside Lamborghini or its associated division must ever sleep because it always appears there's something afoot from the Italian firm. The latest comes from Lamborghini Squadra Corse, the fancy name for its motorsports department, and it's none other than a hypercar.

The company shared a few details and attached a shadowy teaser image of the forthcoming hypercar in a weekend announcement. The biggest and best detail Lamborghini let slide is perhaps the fact this hypercar sports a naturally breathing V12 engine with 830 horsepower. It's very likely this is the same V12 that sits behind the driver in an Aventador, but with 830 hp, that's 60 additional Italian ponies over the most powerful Aventador, the SVJ.

It's hard to make out many design cues, but this unnamed hypercar looks seriously wedgy and there's most certainly a massive rear wing at the back. A roof-mounted air scoop and racing hood with dual intakes will be present on this bull, too.

At its core, Lamborghini said there's a carbon-fiber monocoque with an aluminum front frame. The structure is meant to guarantee the highest safety standards, per the firm. Meanwhile, a steel rollcage cradles the V12 engine for stiffness. A six-speed sequential transmission will fire off shifts, but it also functions as part of the car's structure with suspension arms connected directly to it. Finally, Lamborghini described an "innovative" differential that will adjust drivability, depending on the race track of choice.

This limited-edition hypercar could very well be a final hurrah for the firm's naturally aspirated V12 engine. In the future, hybrid systems will augment the engine to meet efficiency standards, while also providing more power. We'll see the unnamed car make a debut sometime next year, according to Lamborghini.

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