Jeep Wrangler pickup could be named Gladiator, destined for LA Auto Show

The long-awaited Wrangler pickup will make its debut in late November.

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Cult of Jeep devotees will have a lot to celebrate this holiday season, because the long-awaited pickup truck will make its debut at the  LA Auto Show  in late November, and it could carry a name that nobody expected.

Some have speculated that the new Jeep JL-chassis pickup will revive the Scrambler name used on the '80s CJ Wrangler, but Jeep hasn't given any hints as to whether that will be the case. The official word came in a release on Oct. 30 from LA Auto Show authorities. 

While its debut is pretty much certain, its name certainly isn't. Many have been operating under the assumption that it would be called the Scrambler, the eagle-eyed users at the Jeep Scrambler Forum discovered Friday that the Wrangler pickup might be called the Gladiator. 

A brief mention of the Gladiator name reportedly appeared on Fiat Chrysler's media site before disappearing, and a "long-time trusted source" told a forum member that Gladiator is, in fact, the Wrangler pickup's name. Both names have history with Jeep, and both sound pretty gnarly, so no matter which way Jeep goes, it should have a suitably boss name.

2018 Jeep Wrangler promo
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2018 Jeep Wrangler promo

Jeep's Wrangler-based pickup is coming soon... but with how many doors?

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We can safely assume that this truck will share the underpinnings of the standard JL Wrangler, which means it will probably be offered in the US with either a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine or a 3.6-liter V6. We'd also expect to see Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' eTorque mild-hybrid system carried over as an option, as well, along with all of the JL's front-suspension goodies.

The truck's rear suspension could change, based on how Jeep is imagining customers will use it. It could end up being stiffer riding, with a big bed-load of cargo in mind, but we're guessing it'll take a more measured approach. It's a Wrangler, though, so naturally, it will have four-wheel drive and be super capable off-road.

We'd be excited to see the pickup keep the regular model's removable roof panels and the folding windshield that are much-loved, long-time Wrangler trademarks -- mostly because it would look seriously excellent idling through some dusty desert, all opened up and folded down.

The current question is about possible cab configurations. Spy photos have only shown a four-door model, but a two-door model also seems possible.

Fingers crossed that the Wrangler pickup arrives in time for next year's Rebelle Rally, so Roadshow's own Emme Hall has something new in which to win!

Originally published Oct. 31.
Update, Nov. 12: Added rumor from the Jeep Scrambler forum.

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