Jeep previews mysterious electric off-roader, Chrysler shows off SUV during packed EV Day

Parent company Stellantis has a lot of extremely interesting new vehicles coming. There was a lot to unpack.

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Stellantis/Screenshot by Sean Szymkowski/Roadshow

Stellantis ripped the sheet off its plans for the future during its EV Day event on Thursday. It wasn't short on news, or new cars, and chief among them was a new Jeep model -- plus, we saw signs of life from Chrysler.

Specifically for Jeep, what you see here was shown while executives described it as a new "white-space" model for the brand. It's truly funky, with proportions much like the Hummer EV SUV or Ford Bronco, and much bulkier than a Wrangler. Yet it still wears a full-size spare tire at the rear. Color us intrigued to say the least, because this will also be a new electric vehicle.

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While Stellantis placed the spotlight on Jeep, Ram, Dodge and its European-focused divisions, Chrysler was absent from this presentation -- except for a brief few moments with the company's Head of Design Ralph Gilles. During his presentation, we caught a few snippets of an unnamed Chrysler SUV, which may be a closer-to-production version of the Portal concept we saw a couple years ago. Gilles didn't speak about the vehicle directly, but we do know Chrysler's far from dead under Stellantis.

Chrysler SUV teaser

Sorry for the poor image, but the screenshots are all we have.

Stellantis/Screenshot by Sean Szymkowski/Roadshow

While the automaker had planned to introduce French brand Peugeot back to the US, it instead changed its mind to focus on Chrysler. With that said, the brand has a decade to shape up and show its worth, according to Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, and that likely means Chrysler executives and designers are busy plotting. This SUV is likely one of a few new vehicles coming to make the brand relevant again. It wears a design similar to the now-departed 200 sedan and Pacifica minivan, but keeps things flowing and futuristic all at once. Stellantis also shared a new tagline for Chrysler: "Clean technology for a new generation of families."

Here in the US, we'll see eight new EVs from the Stellantis brands in the next three to five years, according to the company. The automaker plans for 55 EVs and plug-in hybrids combined globally, so certainly be prepared for a whole lot of electrification from the divisions in the years to come.