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2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV is megapowerful, insanely capable

This all-electric utility vehicle is perfect for schlepping the kids to school, especially if class is at the end of the Rubicon Trail.

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV - electric
Boxy, bold and very big, the new Hummer SUV sure makes a statement.
Nate Reed/Roadshow

General Motors' reborn Hummer division is focused on offering something different than your typical EV. This brand, now a subsidiary of GMC, unveiled a battery-powered super truck last year. Now, following a quick look on Saturday, GMC unveiled the utility version of this vehicle on Monday, the 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV.

Rolling on a wheelbase that's about 9 inches shorter with a body that's been truncated by a whopping 20 inches, this five-passenger heavy hauler should be noticeably more manageable than the truck on which it's based. This SUV also boasts of better departure and breakover angles, so it should be a pretty capable mountain goat out on the trail. Plus, when it's fitted with four-wheel steering, the turning circle is just 35.4 feet, about 3 feet tighter than a Honda Accord's, perfect for navigating the Dunkin' drive-thru as well as the Rubicon Trail.

As for off-road specs, this SUV provides up to 16 inches of maximum ground clearance and 13 inches of suspension travel. It can tackle 18-inch vertical walls and 60% grades in forward or reverse, plus you can drive it through more than 2 feet of water. For maximum mudslinging capability, the available Extreme Off-Road Pack swaps 22-inch wheels for a set of 18s, wrapped in 35-inch MT tires, though the vehicle can accommodate 37s if you're hard core. It also provides underbody shielding, rock sliders and an UltraVision camera system with up to 17 different views, including one underneath the vehicle so you can see what's happening as you creep along the trail, though this rig is no slowpoke.

The Hummer SUV's Ultium power system delivers up 830 horsepower when equipped with the available three-motor drivetrain. That's a far cry from the truck variant's stable of 1,000 ponies, though it's hardly a privation. Torque clocks in at an estimated 11,500 pound-feet… except not. That figure is pretty misleading since it's wheel torque, not motor torque. Still, we've been told the powertrain itself delivers around 1,100 pound-feet of twist, enough for this high-riding brick of a vehicle to hit 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds. The base powertrain is a dual-motor setup that makes 625 horsepower, but GMC hasn't given any performance claims for it.

Hope you like straight lines because this interior is full of 'em.

Nate Reed/Roadshow

The heart of this propulsion system is a 20-module battery pack. It's a bit smaller than the 24-segment unit found in the Hummer pickup, but engineers simply couldn't fit as many of them in this vehicle because of the shorter wheelbase and body. In keeping with current trends, those batteries are mounted beneath your feet for a low center of gravity and flat floors. This assembly is also an integral part of the vehicle's structure, providing a rigid backbone for the entire SUV, which helps enable features like the removable Infinity Roof. As for range, this Hummer promises to go at least 300 miles between charges when it has the three-motor powertrain, while the base two-motor model has a range of over 250 miles. When equipped with the Extreme Off-Road Pack, the range is reduced by around 20 miles because of the bigger tires, reduced aerodynamics and greater weight.

This vehicle is capable of 800-volt DC fast charging at up to 300 kW. A generator feature allows the Hummer SUV to power appliances at 120 volts and up to 25 amps. It can even recharge other EVs at 240 volts and 6 kW.

Comprising four individual panels, that nifty Infinity Roof is a great way to immerse yourself in nature while you're bombing through the woods or climbing mountains. Each section unlatches from the overhead structure and stores neatly in the vehicle's front trunk, so you can take 'em off while out and about and have 'em at the ready should rain clouds appear on the horizon. The way this Hummer's roof was designed means it's actually classified as a convertible. Bet you never expected that.

Dovetailing nicely with its blocky exterior, the Hummer SUV's interior is as squared-off as a Mondrian pattern. The dashboard, air vents, displays and even the shifter are all rectangular. This gives the cabin a rugged, if not terribly flowing look. The prototype model on display has some interesting materials and textures, plus many of the controls have a chunky feel, even if almost none of them are actually functional in the prototype vehicle.

This is the Hummer SUV's Ultium propulsion system, which features 20 battery modules and should provide a range of more than 300 miles.

Nate Reed/Roadshow

As for tech, a 13.4-inch center infotainment screen is standard. It's supported by a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. Another handy bit of tech is Hummer's Digital Key, which allows you to use your smartphone to access the vehicle, so you can leave the clunky fob at home. A feature called trail mapping is included in the myGMC app. It allows you to discover off-road trails, but it also keeps track of energy usage, so you make sure you have enough range to get home.

Inside, there's room for five people, though a third-row seat is not offered. Doing so would have required extensive reengineering, plus it would reduce the amount of cargo space this vehicle offers. Behind its rearmost seat, this Hummer should offer 36 cubic feet of room. Fold the backrests down and that grows to a claimed 81.8 cubes, though there's even more room underneath the floor. The cargo hold will accommodate 48-inch-wide sheets of building material with no issue.

Aside from the wheelbase and battery size, another important difference between the Hummer truck and SUV is at the backend. The pickup's ingenious flipping-and-folding MultiPro tailgate has been swapped out for a power-operated, side-hinged hatch, which swings to the right. Fitted with a full-size spare tire, it opens and closes in a couple seconds at the push of a button.

The family resemblance is unmistakable.


Depending on the model, this SUV offers things like an air-suspension system, four-wheel steering and assist steps. It can also be fitted with enhanced Super Cruise, the latest version of GM's groundbreaking hands-free driving aid. It works on some 200,000 miles of approved roadway and can change lanes automatically.

If the 2024 Hummer EV SUV tickles your motoring fancy, you'd better be patient. Production doesn't commence until early 2023, about two years from today, however, if you're really enamored of this utility vehicle, you can reserve one right now. The fancy Edition 1 model kicks things off and is priced to induce heart palpitations, starting at $105,595, a figure that at least includes destination fees. (Though if you want the Edition 1, too bad, because it's already sold out.) Opt for the Extreme Off-Road Pack and you'll be spending an additional five grand, so no, this all-electric SUV is anything but cheap. If you want to drop even more on one of these SUVs, nearly 200 accessories will be available at launch.

Down the road, more affordable models will be offered. The absolute "base" EV2 model with the two-motor powertrain will be available in spring 2024 with a starting price of $79,995 and 250 miles of range. As standard it'll come with Super Cruise, 22-inch wheels with 35-inch tires, the Infinity Roof system, a power tailgate and surround-view cameras. The $89,995 EV3 model will be out in spring 2023 with 300 miles of range and the two-motor powertrain; it includes four-wheel steering with CrabWalk mode, adaptive air suspension and 800-volt DC fast charging. Finally there's the EV3X model, which will also go on sale in spring 2023 for $99,995. This trim gets the more powerful three-motor powertrain plus torque vectoring, the Watts to Freedom launch control and different appearance items. 

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